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Gone Too Soon: how addiction impacted my family - Suzanne Picerno

Gone Too Soon: how addiction impacted my family - Suzanne Picerno

The following is a excerpt from a personal story of how addiction has once again resulted in the death of a person much to young  to die from this disease.  We must make treatment more available and accessible - recovery is possible!


"It's been a very difficult time for my ex-husband, his former wife, my son, and myself.  Grief, as you well know, is gut wrenching in its stages, and with a child, even one who was always in trouble, you wonder if there was something else you could have done.  He was 22 years old. You cry, and you hurt, people do what they do and say what they say and the world goes on.  And you sit with the lump in your throat and the tears that sometimes flow down your cheeks and other times hide behind your eyes, and you try not to think of where your imagination takes you...what did he look like when that last breath was taken? Were his eyes open or closed?  Was he cold? Was it painful?  And I can only hope that that when he left the safety net that we and others tried to give him, that he got to see the world just a little bit.  I know that he went to Las Vegas.  I heard he went to LA.  He saw San Francisco.  And he died in Berkeley from an overdose -he was homeless and lost.

His name is Tyler Lee Gray - he had a huge heart but was never able to tie consequences to his behavior.  He was desperate for attention, but he had a hold in his bucket that every intervention could not repair because he wanted someone else to do the work for him.  For whatever reason, even with many arms around him, he could not accept responsibility for himself, his feelings, or his behavior.  He was diagnosed with Axis 2 Dependent Personality Disorder, and in the end without even knowing this assessment, he enacted the outcomes as if he had."  written by Suzanne Picerno


If you need more information about addiction, treatment, or recovery please reach out today!

Indiana Addiction Issues Coalition - Kim Manlove, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  317-638-3501  

Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction - 1-800-457-8283 



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