Our Mission


The mission of Mental Health America of Indiana is to work for the mental health of all citizens and for victory over mental illness and addictive disorders through public education, advocacy and public health reform.

Guiding Principles

Members of the Board of Directors, staff and affiliates identified and confirmed these principles:


    • Mental health is a fundamental social justice issue.
    • There is no health without mental health.
    • Concern for the public’s health demands that disparities in treatment and the disproportionality of the burden of illness be eradicated.
    • We require change that is commensurate to the enormous magnitude of behavioral health problems in multiple aspects of our culture, our communities, our neighborhoods and our families.
    • MHAI represents a growing movement of Americans who promote mental wellness for the health and well-being of the nation. This movement must engage and involve the general public as well as persons with mental and substance use conditions in all its aspects.
    • We emphasize recovery from mental and substance use conditions for all. MHAI confirms its commitment to:
      • Raise its voice for people affected by mental and substance use conditions that have not had a voice.
      • Diversity and cultural competence in programs, communication, treatment, and relationships.
      • The translation of science into practice.
      • Ensuring that the public’s trust is confirmed through efficient conscientious leadership and stewardship.