Contact Your Legislator

In order to act in your best interest, elected officials need to know your opinions.

Email can be an effective and time sensitive way to communicate with your legislator. To find your legislator's email address, click the button below.


If you know your state Legislator's name or your district number, click here.

If you do not know your legislators name or your district number, click here.

Letters can be an important form of contact. Writing an effective letter to your legislator need not be difficult -- just be sincere.

    • Use your business letterhead or personal stationery.
    • Personalize the message.
    • Be specific as to what you want.
    • Request a response from your legislator and inform MHAI.
    • Keep your letter brief. Follow-up with a telephone call or visit.
    • Thank your legislator.

Be sure to use the proper form of address:

    • The Honorable (Name) Member, Indiana State Senate or
    • Member, Indiana House of Representatives
    • Third Floor, State House
    • Indianapolis, IN, 46204 or
    • Home Address, City, Indiana, Zip
    • House Telephone Center




(317) 232-9600
    • House Switchboard




(800) 382-9842
    • Senate Telephone Center


    (317) 232-9400
    • Senate Switchboard




(800) 382-9467