Indiana Association Substance Abuse Providers (IN-ASAP)


Indiana ASAP, Inc promotes the mutual interest of substance abuse prevention and treatment programs in the state of Indiana and strives to find a mechanism for the expression of common concerns to public policy makers and payers of substance abuse and addictions.

The Indiana Association Substance Abuse Providers has remained active in the advocacy related to public policy and bills in Indiana that touch on addiction related issues. IN-ASAP was the organization that initiated the push for Addiction Counselor State Licensure and worked with the MHAI partners to move the licensure bill through in one year after taking over the leadership role. IN-ASAP is affiliated with the National organization States Association on Addiction Services (SAAS).

In 2011, IN-ASAP become one of 6 state associations chosen to receive a significant Technical Assistance Grant through SAAS to further develop the advocacy organization and design and develop a variety of training and informational opportunities for the field of addiction providers in Indiana.  A growing and dedicated group of addiction providers ASAP intends to become the voice of the addiction provider community in Indiana in the areas of Treatment, Prevention and Criminal Justice.


If you would like to become a member of Indiana ASAP, please click here for the membership brochure.

For more information about Indiana ASAP, please contact:

Thomas Cox
Co-Chair with Linda Grove-Paul, Indiana ASAP
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Tiffany Peek
Mental Health America of Indiana
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