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The Indiana Mental Health Memorial Foundation (the Foundation) has been organized to provide fund development and associated marketing, and fiscal legislative services to Mental Health America of Indiana and its subsidiary corporations. The Foundation has been lauded by outside organizations for the exemplary services provided and continually strives to diversify and strengthen the funding streams of the organization. By providing resources that are provided to carry out the mission of Mental Health America of Indiana and its subsidiary programs, the Foundation Board of Directors have helped to shape the organization.



The Indiana Mental Health Memorial Foundation, Inc. was incorporated on July 30, 1962, after receiving a substantial bequest from the estate of Katherine Hamilton of Terre Haute, Indiana. Because Ms. Hamilton witnessed her own sister's hospitalization for mental illness, she dedicated her life to the mental health cause. Ms. Hamilton led local, state and national efforts to make the treatment for persons with mental illness more humane in our country. Her endowment to the Foundation has guaranteed that her undying dedication shall continue into perpetuity.

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The Foundation provides public relation and publicity services for the organization including appearances on radio and television to advocate for and educate the public about mental health matters and to publicize special events. The Foundation has created many statewide public education programs including the “What a Difference a Friend Makes” campaign that included purchased television spots throughout the state, the Barbara Hobbs “From the Heart” campaign and most recently, the Foundation has received funding from the National Institute of Mental Health to establish a program with the Indiana National Guard.


The Foundation is the fundraising division for Mental Health America of Indiana and its subsidiary programs.  Having raised millions of dollars for the company, the Foundation continually strives to diversify funding streams and develop new program initiatives that will have a positive impact for people living throughout Indiana.

The Foundation provides the following fundraising services to MHAI and its subsidiary organizations:

    • Grant Writing Services – The Foundation writes grants for the various programs of MHAI including corporate, foundation, local, state and federal grants.
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The Foundation provides fiscal analysis of MHAI legislative initiatives.  Understanding that policymakers look for policy initiatives that make fiscal sense for taxpayers of the state of Indiana, the Foundation provides financial information that illustrates why it makes sense to provide quality mental healthcare.

Whitepapers authored by the Foundation have been lauded nationally and used by other states to implement public policy initiatives.  Among the many initiatives the Foundation has been involved in, the Foundation has been instrumental in the passage of mental health reform, mental health parity, substance abuse parity and access to medication.

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Sextons Creek

Sextons Creek, a strategic services and communications firm serving clients in the area of government relations, strategic communications, media productions, and business services, represents Mental Health America of Indiana at the Indiana General Assembly where Stephen C. McCaffrey serves as Principal & Chief Policy Officer.

Among other services, Sextons Creek assists patients, providers, professionals, not-for-profits and pharmaceutical companies to collaborate with other stakeholders to improve access to healthcare in public health and criminal justice settings.

Sextons Creek provides services to MHAI that include legislative and regulatory monitoring, issue management, research, and legislative and administrative lobbying.  All clients of Sextons Creek as well as The Third House (which has represented MHAI and joined Sextons Creek) clients receiving lobbying services are registered with the Indiana Lobby Registration Commission at:

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